Now that the post-holiday stupor has worn off, I feel that I should write a new post. It's been an interesting handful of weeks, folks. I can't really give details, but it was fun, it was tiring, it involved an almost nauseating amount of home-cooked food.

I think what stands out in my mind is going northward to visit with my father's mother's family. They're a fun bunch, them. And with so many great relatives, with so much awesome food, going home hungry was not an option. They literally wouldn't have let me if I tried. Heheh.

On the subject of writing, the sixth chapter of Ageless is still underway. If you're interested, in the meantime, you can check out my new webcomic, By Night Unseen.

Anyway...I'd best go now. I'm tired. Truth in all things, everyone.

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